Playmobil Knights Lion Knights Empire Castle

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Fight Epic Battles with the Playmobil Lion Knight's Empire Castle

Playmobil Lion Knights Empire Castle
Start your mission to steal the gold treasure at the Lion Knight's Empire Castle, featuring high walls and many traps. view larger

The Playmobil Lion Knight's Empire Castle is a gigantic fort in which the king and queen live, entertain, store their treasure and fight battles. With high walls and lots of traps to contend with, this is the suitable place to be when your enemy attacks.

Features of your Fortification

With 290 pieces, the attention to detail is good. The Lion Knight's Empire Castle stands at 62 cm in height and measures a 72 cm in width. As you approach the castle, the large gates hide a wealth of traps. There's a portcullis just behind the gates that can be lowered to stop enemies entering, and if this doesn't stop them the rock fall trap will.

Once inside, there's a working lift in the top tower to transport gold and other goods, along with two lockable jail cells. With a trap door in the turret and a folding trap wall, your unwanted stay in the castle grounds won't last long. If you attack from the side, however, you may want to head for the breakthrough wall, which will make your task easier.

Strengthen your Forces and Fight your Enemies
Playmobil Knights range
Collect other sets in the range. view larger

The Lion Knights are a big team of warriors, complete with a host of equipment to help them in battle. The Lion Knights Troop form the key part of the team and are always on hand to help out. The firing crossbow is suitable for returning enemy fire, while the treasure transport aims to get the gold away from the attackers and into safe hands. The falcon knights, however, also have a host of weapons including a multiple firing catapult, battering ram and troop to cause problems for the Lion Knights.

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